A fresh way to enjoy Europe 

- from Zell-Mosel; a fabulous, convenient and affordable base

We also offer small group tours based on staying in Zell 5 nights a week, travelling out Fris-Sats-Suns:

29 May to 21 Jun '18  THE RIVERS RIDE

28 Nov to 21 Dec '18  XMAS MARKETS BY RAIL

Both are 23 days duration.


At the heart of Europe, Rhineland is famous for fine wines, rich food, iconic rivers, hilly country-side, medieval villages, fairy-tale castles, spa resorts, abbeys, grand 

cathedrals and many historic cities.

Trains, buses, boats and bike paths criss-cross Rhineland. Day passes are ideal to explore with.

"Each morning we awoke to see the beautiful Mosel River with the grape vines bathed in golden sunlight and winemakers busily harvesting. What a view to enjoy from the comfort of your home away from home with your morning cup of coffee." 
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Rhineland's neighbours are France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and the fellow German states of Westfalia, Saarland, Baden-Wurttenberg and Hessen. Hahn Airport, near Zell, is a major Ryanair hub with flights to 50+ points  in all directions as far as Morrocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Eire, UK, East Europe, Scandi and Baltic.


Friendly, lively and vibrant, Zell has Celtic roots and has been a bustling winemaker town since Roman times. Zell straddles the magical Mosel River midway between Trier and Koblenz, where the Mosel joins the Rhine.

Zell-Mosel lies at the centre of Germany's state of Rhineland.