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Stay in Zell-Mosel; a fabulous, convenient and affordable base

Friendly, lively and vibrant, Zell-Mosel has Celtic roots and has been a bustling winemaker town since Roman times. Zell straddles the magical Mosel River midway between Trier and Koblenz, where the Mosel joins the Rhine. Zell-Mosel lies at the centre of Germany's wonderful Rhineland.

"Each morning we awoke to see the beautiful Mosel River with the grape vines bathed in golden sunlight and winemakers busily harvesting. What a view to enjoy from the comfort of your home away from home with your morning cup of coffee." 
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Introducing our shopfront travel agency, Arcadia Travel.

In July 2019 we opened our own independent travel agency in Noosa Junction, Queensland, Australia. 

We can now offer flights, hotels, tours, river and ocean cruises, rail passes, car and campervan hire to match up with a stay at My Europe Base. We can sell all the popular travel agent products PLUS as an independent,

we can also offer more  varied possibilities like freighter passages worldwide. 

Contact us or drop in at 5 Arcadia Walk Noosa Junction.

arcadiatravel.com.au / go@arcadiatravel.com.au / tel 07 53296985