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Many days of things to do in Zell & around

Within 2 or 3 km:

* Taste the wines at 40+ winemakers' cellars

* Stroll the Mosel riverbanks, cross to Zell Kaimt on the footbridge and return over the road bridge

* Hike up to Zell's Castle tower, cemetery and vineyard terraces

* Hike up the valley at the back of town, climb the ladders to the Collis Tower lookout

* Stroll downstream 3 km to village of Zell-Merl or 3 km upstream to Briedel

* Cruise the Mosel, upstream to Cochem and downstream to Bernkastel-Kues

* Tractor tours with winemaker

* Cycle the Mosel Radweg (bike path) or try the downhill trails

* Vineyard hikes easy or hard 

* Sunday Breakfast-Brunch at Zell's Hotel Schloss (Castle Hotel)

* Friday night tour with Zell's Town Ghost

* Zellerland Erlebnis water park and saunas

* Lots of cafes, restaurants and bars to try

Within 20 kms

* Bad Bertrich historic spa resort, water park and saunas

* Cruise, ride or hike to picture-postcard village of Beilstein 

* Ultra-steep Calmont vineyards and Stuben Abbey ruins

* Traben Trabach township and hike up the old French Fort of Mont Royale

Within 40 kms

* Cruise, bus or rail to grand town of Cochem, chairlift and Cochem Castle

* Rail to Moselkern village and hike to Burg Eltz fairytale castle

* Bernkastel Kues township and Castle

* Explore the scenic Hunrsuck and Eifel Plateaus

Explore Zell-Mosel

Zell, Zellerland and the Mosel River

Rhineland's Mosel River Valley is one of Europe's gems.

With its source in the Vosges Mountains of Eastern France, the Mosel runs through Nancy and Metz, becomes the border between Luxembourg and Germany  then flows past the ancient Roman city of Trier. From Trier the Mosel cuts a winding course for 200 kms through the uplands of the Eifel and Hunsruck regions to meet the Rhine River at Koblenz, just downstream from the famed Rhine Gorges.

The Mosel is one of Europe's great wine growing regions with vineyards covering much of the steep slopes and river banks, as they have for thousands of years.

Living in a stylish villa on the Mosel was one of the best postings a Roman official could hope for!

Zell-Mosel is a leading winemaker town (#2 on the Mosel), with a friendly buzz and lies midway between Trier and Koblenz on a spectacular horse-shoe bend in the river.

The surrounding countryside of Zellerland is one of the most scenic regions of Europe and offers plenty to keep visitors fascinated.

Making sense of the bus network!

The local area bus timetables cover 160 pages in the Cochem-Zell Verbundfahrplan!

The other half of the book is a walks guide!!

This is daunting so we've summarised here the services that are most convenient to visitors:

  • 330 / May-Oct / Sat-Sun-pub.hols / Burgenbus (Castle Bus) runs up onto the Eifel Plateau between Treis-Karden and Hatzenport (both are rail stations on Mosel River) via Burg Pyrmont and Burg Eltz (two of the greatest castles in the region). 4 services a day spaced 2-4 hours apart starting at 0913 and finishing at 1832. Spend 3-4 hours at one castle and 2 hours at the other! In VRM day pass zone.
  • 333 / all year / 7 days / Traben-Trarbach - Zell - Bullay. This is one of the services running regularly Mon to Fri through Zell to nearby Bullay rail station. Only 4 x a day on Sats and Suns. Upstream it runs 20 km to Traben-Trarbach and on to Bernkastel-Kues (40 km). Some services Apr-Oct run as RR333 with a bike trailer. In VRM zone to Bullay or VRT zone upstream. Hours from around 0600 to 1930.
  • 500 / all year / 7 days / Cochem-Ulmen-Daun-Gerolstein. An import longer-distance 'RegioLinie' service across the Eifel Vulkan region, taking about 1hr,40m and linking with rail at each end, enabling a circular trip. Gerolstein is on a minor rail line running a very scenic way between Koln and Trier. Some services Apr-Oct may run as RR500 with a bike trailer. Runs between VRM and VRT zones, can use the der-takt (Rhineland) day pass.
  • 630 / May-Oct / 7 days / RegioRadler (Bike Bus) runs between Treis-Karden (rail on Mosel) and Emmelhausen (on Hunsruck Plateau). One of the RR RegioRadler bike-bus services, just 2 x a day helping cyclists access the popular ride from Emmelhausen down to the Mosel River. VRM pass.
  • 711 / all year / 7 days / The 'Calmont Express' runs Bullay to Cochem along the Mosel. Frequent (usually hourly) on all days. Mon-Fri between 0600-2000. Shorter hours Sat, Sun. Good to explore the Mosel towns up to Cochem. Can cross over on ferry to Beilstein. VRM.
  • 713 / all year / 7 days / Cochem to Kaisersesch in the Eifel region. This service links Cochem to the Eifel rail line in about 30 mins and is a good alternative way to reach the Rhine. Rail is 60 mins from Kaisersesch to Andernach on the Rhine, about 20 km north-west of Koblenz. It's not faster but is a change of scenery to the Mosel Line and creates round-trip possibilities. Runs hourly Mon-Fri from early to very late. Sats and Suns 2-hourly from about 0900 to very late on Sat and about 1900 on Sun. VRM pass.
  • 720 / all year / 7 days / Bullay-Zell-Barl. This is good to access Bullay station or go shopping at Zell-Barl supermarkets (Globus, Aldi, Lidl). It's not far to Zell-Barl but it is UPHILL! Mon-Fri from 0600 to 1800. Sat-Sun only 4 x a day. To reach Bullay rail from Zell-Lindenplatz stop, we suggest the Mon-Fri at 0846 and Sat-Sun at 0746 if using the day passes. We understand (a) you'll be allowed on at 0846 with the Mon-Fri day passes valid from 0900 (b) the bus driver can sell the VRT, VRM and der-takt day passes (or can buy in advance at Bullay). 
  • 722, 723 / all year / Mon-Fri / Bullay-Zell and uphill to nearby villages in the Hunsruck. Not frequent but they help offer more services between Zell and Bullay station. Can be used to ride uphill on to the Hunsruck and hike back to Zell.
  • 727 / all year / Mon-Fri / Bullay to Bad Bertrich spa resort (and on to the town of Lutzerath). About 8 x a day to reach Bad Bertrich, set in a spectacular valley in the Eifel hills away from the Mosel, only 10 km and 18 mins from Bullay. Well recommended.
  • 750 / all year / 7 days / Bullay to Zell to Hahn Airport terminal. This 15-seater shuttle-bus runs every 2 hours from very early to very late. Cost from Zell to airport is about 6.50E but you can use VRM day passes. From Zell Lindenplatz at 0327, 0527, 0727, 0927, 1127, 1327, 1527 and 1927. From Hahn at 0815, 1015, 1215, 1415, 1615, 1815, 2015, 2215 and 0015. Duration about 40 mins. Groups of 5+ need to pre-book.


Many websites can help, such as 

www.moselland-radtouren.de   www.regioradler.de (bike buses)

www.vrt-info.de (Trier region)    www.vrminfo.de (Koblenz region)

www.der-takt.de (Rhineland pass)  www.mosellandtouristik.de

www.k-d.de  (ferries lower Mosel & Rhine)  

www.moselrundfahrten.de/en (ferries Middle Mosel)

www.zell-mosel.com  www.zellerland.de  


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