Burg Eltz, 30 km from Zell



Winzer Otto Kallfelz runs Otto's Terrassen Weinstube, in a romantic rustic setting near the Zeller Castle, specialising in local fare.

Hotel Schloss offers a great Sunday breakfast-brunch.

There are many more restaurants and international fare in Zell including Italian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Turkish. 

In winter months about 5 or 6 venues remain open.

the pick of the Mosel

Waldhotel Sonnora in Dreis near Wittlich (Helmut Thieltges) - 3 Michelin stars

Becker's in Trier (Wolfgang Becker) - 2 Michelin stars

Wein und Tafelhaus in Trittenheim (Alexander Oos) - 1 Michelin  star

Schanz in Piesport ((Thomas Schanz) - 1 Michelin star

Schloss Monaise in Trier (Hubert Scheid)  

Culinarium R in Mulheim (Sascha Hamp) 

Schiller's Restaurant in Koblenz (Mike Schiller)

dining in

Zell's Metzgerei (butcher) has won the European Championship 2012 and 2013

Large supermarkets are in Zell Barl: Globus, Aldi and Lidl. Catch the bus, about 5E return.

2-3 days away from Base

* Brussels and Belgium

* Cologne and Aachen

* Ruhr cities of Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bochum

* Winterburg downhill ski fields

* Heidelberg, Speyer, Kaiserslautern

* Freiburg and Black Forest

* Munich and Bavaria

* Paris, Reims, Verdun

* Amsterdam and Netherlands

* Strasbourg, Nancy, Metz

* Colburg and scenic Alsace villages

* Basel, Lake Constance and Switzerland

Explore beyond: Go to our Europe page.

How to explore the Continent from Zell-Mosel, Rhineland

Koblenz & beyond in a day

* Deutches Eck confluence of Rhine and Mosel Rivers

* Koblenz Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and cable car over Rhine

* Koblenz rebuilt old city

* Rhine Gorges by rail, bike or cruise

* Mainz city

* Frankfurt city

* Lahn River, Nassau and Bad Ems spa town

* Medieval city of Limburg, castle and cathedral

* Bad Kreuznach spa town

* Town of Worms

* Bonn city

* Cologne city (suggest an overnight trip)

Discover Rhineland

at the Heart of Europe

The state of Rhineland-Pfalz is both an ancient and modern crossroads of Europe. Neighbors are Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the French provinces of Lorraine and Alsace - and the German states of Saarland, Hessen, Westfalen and Baden-Wuttenberg.

The Rhine and Mosel are the key rivers but there are many more within a day's return: Saar, Sauer, Kyll, Lahn, Nahe, Ahr and Main, all with walking and cycling paths.

Separated by the Mosel are two plateaus, the Hunsruck (southern side) and Eifel (northern side). Altogether they make up much of the Rhineland countryside.

As well as the main roads, quiet back roads criss-cross the landscape. Public walking trails go everywhere.

At either end of the Mosel Valley are the cities of Trier and Koblenz and many choices of further directions from there. From Zell's local station Bullay, RE and RB trains along the Mosel line take just 45 to 65 minutes to reach either city.

Remember, a 2 day outing only needs 1 night away. With an early start and late return, much can be done in 1 or 2 days.

Arrive Sun, depart Fri deals

This Home & Away deal is 'ideal' for exploring Rhineland.

Book 5 nights for 70% of our weekly rate. 

Or book 10 nights starting Sunday with a weekend away for 120% of the 7 night rate. Store your luggage, have Fri and Sat nights away travelling lightly - and come back to a fresh apartment.

Weekends are an excellent time to visit and stay in the cities. 

Book 15 nights on this pattern for 170% of the 7 night rate.

Book 20 nights on this pattern for 220% of the 7 night rate.

See our Rates page.

Rail/bus day passes

Regional rail passes offer many options at exceptional value.

For example, the VRM pass is valid from Zell and centred on Koblenz. It allows up to 5 people to travel for 1 day on rail and bus for about 25 Euro.

To the west, the VRT pass is centred on Trier and the 1 day price is similar. Conveniently, Zell and nearby Bullay station are on the border of the VRM and VRT passes.

Including these 2 regions and much more is the der-takt pass, valid for all Rhineland and Saarland. Costs approx 25 Euro per day for the first person plus extra people for only 4 Euro each.

National day passes are another possibility and are often much cheaper than point to point tickets (but you can't ride IC and ICE trains).

Trier & beyond in a day

* Trier's Porta Niagra city gate, Baths, Amphitheatre and more Roman ruins

* Trier's Town Hall, Cathedral, Basilica and Market Square

* Kyllburg, scenic castle town

* Bitburg, home of the popular beer

* Saarburg town and waterfall

* Saarbrucken city on River Saar

* Idar-Oberstein gem town and region

* Gerolstein, famous home of the springwater brand

* Luxembourg city and countryside

* Vianden Castle

Burg Eltz